8,000sf Restaurant Tenant Improvement
Architecture: Steffen Leisner, with RTK Architects, Inc.
Interior Design: Schoos Design

Located on the 17th floor of the Huntley Hotel high-rise building in Santa Monica, the project brief asked for a complete tenant improvement of the 8,000 SF penthouse floor to become an upscale dining venue.  
To create a generous open dining area, only the structural elements and the existing building enclosure have been retained.  Kitchen and bathrooms are articulated as distinct volumes within the open space. An elliptical bar element defines zones in the otherwise flexible plan. 

 A fifteen feet long fireplace that camouflages an existing shear wall mediates the length of the space and defines the lounge seating area.  Two large retractable skylights in the roof slab above open the lounge and dining areas up to the sky.