Restaurant and Bar,  5,900 SF
West Hollywood, California
Executive Architect: Syntax
Construction Management: Gardiner & Theobald
Interior Design: Lisa Koch

The Sunset Tower Hotel is a Hollywood landmark.
  The fifteen-story historic Art Deco high-rise building is located on the Sunset Strip in the city of West Hollywood.  The client brief asks for a new design for the ground floor dining area, including the outdoor terrace and pool.  The scope includes a new bar and a new seating layout, as well as a redesign of the existing dining space.

Our design concept proposes to level the existing ceilings on both sides of a higher center dining area, thereby uncluttering the appearance of the old dining space and proposing an elegant, generous multi-use area. 
 Syntax acted as the architect of record on this project, being in charge of construction documentation, consultant coordination, disabled access, egress and fire life safety, permitting, and construction observation.