Luxury hotel and spa development on historic property. 
Adaptive reuse of historic residence, construction of new guest rooms, pool and spa, and below grade parking.
Concept masterplan, Programming: Syntax
Executive Architect, Entitlement Documentation: Syntax
Schematic Design, Renderings: Olson Kundig

The project includes the adaptive reuse of an existing historic estate on a hillside property.  The project brief asks for the conversion of the historic residence and four other structures, as well as the new construction of several buildings,  for a luxury boutique hotel, a restaurant and bar, a spa and pool facility, and associated program.

designed the concept masterplan for the proposed hotel and spa development, and performed visioning sessions, programming, existing facilities surveys, site context analysis, and massing studies.

The SYNTAX team produced the architectural documentation in support of the entitlement application for governmental approvals and provided project management.