Single Family Residence, 2,154nsf
Oakland Hills, CA
During employment with Stanley Saitowitz.

The site is a hilltop lot with a rock outcrop, in the area of the Oakland Hills. The house mirrors the form of the ground, rolling down to the street. A projecting curve of the roof announces and protects the entry, embracing the rocks, sheltering the south-facing garden from the street. This creates a shielded private outdoor world between house and rocks.

A reflective wall opens the house into the garden. Inside, a curved wall continues the rockscape into the house, setting up the geometry of the interior. This wall contains the program elements of fireplace, kitchen and storage. As a wall of services, it divides the main level into living, dining, cooking and family spaces. On the west, facing the Golden Gate, the house is sliced to form a triangular court outside the dining room, looking through the corner of the property to sundown.