Every project site is unique. In addition to the physical conditions of a project location, the qualities of a place are informed by its unique cultural, historical, environmental, and political context. An innovative master plan concept integrates these contextual forces with all project specific requirements into a sensible and meaningful design that responds to the prevalent urban fabric.

SYNTAX design team approaches each project with an in-depth analysis of the given site conditions. This research takes into consideration the connectivity to the site’s surroundings, the movement of different user groups and modes of transportation, potential current and historic events that may inform the new design, as well as other location specific factors like local customs and vernacular, climate patterns, geographic conditions, and more site specific idiosyncrasies.
  The design  team develops a masterplan concept in response to the findings of the site analysis and the requirements of the architectural program. We make design that has its roots it its site, that is integrated with the infrastructure, economically viable, functionally efficient, and that promotes environmental stewardship and urban sustainability. This site specific place-making allows us to create unique, culturally relevant places and a meaningful, memorable spacial experience.