Are you acquiring properties for development and are researching the best location for your project? Do you need to determine the highest and best use of a specific site, given all regulatory requirements?  We provide the architectural pre-design services required.

Property Analysis

We research the land use regulations of a property and document its permitted use, height restrictions, required setbacks, Floor-Area-Ratio, lot coverage, parking requirements and grading restrictions.  We document the requirements of any community plan overlay that affect the development of the property, including the General Plan, Specific Plan areas, historic preservation overlay zones, hillside regulations, mansionization regulations, and other governing ordinances.  We investigate a property’s history of building permits, Certificates of Occupancy and previous zoning approvals.

Architectural Programming

Architectural programming is the systematic assessment of the values, goals, facts, and needs of your project.  We have the knowledge and experience of architectural design, product types, space standards and construction methods that is essential to establish a sound architectural program for your development.

During the programming phase, we will identify client and user values, determine the project goals, identify project constraints and opportunities, gather and analyze project relevant data, and document all project requirements.  A well-conceived program clarifies design issues, identifies the scope of work for the project, provides a rational basis for design decision-making, brings about a high-quality design, and ensures that the project reflects your values.

Architectural Feasibility Studies

An architectural feasibility study allows you to test the viability of a project on a specific site prior to engaging in the comprehensive planning process.  The feasibility study incorporates the findings of the property analysis - both constraints and opportunities – in a concept level massing design, which will allow you to evaluate the development potential of a site or building.

We perform massing studies, traffic and parking design studies, alternative design options, and carry out preliminary space planning to help you determine the highest and best use of your property. We also perform 3d modeling, visualization and presentation of the concept design, which will allow you to communicate the potential of the proposed development to stakeholders and investors during the early stage of the project.      BACK