Urban master plan and landscape design concept for 244 acres site with 37 acres residential neighborhood.    

Invited architectural competition.
Design: SYNTAX

The prevalent local urban morphology is based on small-scale groupings with a strong neighborhood character.  To reciprocate this quality on the project site, residential clusters of individual structures were proposed which have a strong identity both individually and in the overall image.

Three- and four-storey multi-family structures are planned on the southern edge of the site, which are mostly aligned along the main road and thus serve as noise protection for the residential area behind them. In some areas, the multi-story structures move back from the alignment with the road to create attractive public open spaces along the new pedestrian and bicycle path and to integrate the scale of the multi-story structures. This is also a reaction to the structural morphology and the rhythm of the existing buildings directly south of the main road, and thus contributes to the integration of the new residential area.

A distinctive feature of the existing adjacent residential areas is the framing of the properties with hedges, walls and fences. The proposed residential districts allow this formal enclosure and use the prevalent local urban structure to generate form. At the heart of the residential area are the ‘cluster houses’: A single-family residence by type, yet not centered on the property but instead offset to one side yard.  The offset of the buildings creates compact outdoor spaces and yards of high quality, which are additionally enclosed by hedges and walls. Each residence has access to a pedestrian path.